Southern Regional Racing Series 2010 Tire Rule Amendment

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Southern Regional Racing Series 2010 Tire Rule Amendment Empty Southern Regional Racing Series 2010 Tire Rule Amendment

Post  tennesseeracefan on 2010-02-18, 07:09

1.)All competitors must have the tires that they plan on using for competition stamped at time of car tech in. (Rears Only)
2.)A competitor may run any tire they wish during hot laps only.
3.)All competitors will be required to run the same tire for the entire event. This applies to rear tires only.
4.)During qualifying if a competitors suffers a flat on his second lap of qualifying on the track he will be allowed to run a new tire that is approved by a series official for heat and feature.
5.)During heat race we do not allow two courtesy laps for flat tires, only in the feature. If a competitor gets a flat on the race track he will be allowed to get a new tire after the race is completed and approved by an official.
6.)Once a competitor leaves the track after qualifying, heat and or consi he will not be allowed to get a new tire for getting a flat in the pits. He can get a new tire once approved by an official but must start at the rear of the field.
7.)During the feature a competitor may change tires at anytime once the green flag falls but will be relegated to the tail even if a caution falls and there is a complete restart.
8.)This rule is designed to do three things:
1.Cut down or eliminate juiced tires for qualifying.
2.Cut down on tech time checking tires
3.Save racers money by not having to cheat tires.
Common sense will be used at all races to make sure that all competitors are on a level playing field. In the event a track starts to rubber or is wearing tires the series
will allow everyone to bolt on new rubber.
9.) In the event of 50 cars or more or a $10,000.00 to win where we run consis drivers running consis will be allowed to bolt on new rubber for cosi only. The ones who make the feature will be required to put their original tires back on for feature.

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