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Post  Val on 2011-02-21, 07:13

Where do you advertise? Here we have several radio stations in Memphis. So which one does the track owner decide to advertise on? Rock? Country? Pop, Rap? I know a lot of Christians that ONLY listen to Gospel. Then the more listeners the radio station has the more they charge for air time. We are in a tri State area and have several news papers to pick from and the same problem, The ones with the most circulation charge accordingly. I would love to see what the total price would be to advertise a race to try and reach everybody with no profiling evolved. Then there are all these promotional ad agencies and websites who will do it for a fee. They all want to make a living at racing by sitting at home on the P.C. and all this can happen if the tracks can afford to pay out the nose. When all everyone has to do is their part help spread the word and bring new fans to the race track instead of tracks being bullied into paying high rates and going broke
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