RACEceivers available at Ice Breaker this weekend

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RACEceivers available at Ice Breaker this weekend

Post  monster21crew on 2011-03-10, 11:24

New RACEceiver 1600 Fusion Driver/Fan radio with Earbuds.
I will be at TNS Ice Breaker this weekend!!!! 615-975-7355

The RACEceiver 1600 Fusion is RACECeiver's newest radio. The 1600 Fusion now has the added ability to program the Default Channel unlike it's predecessor the RACEceiver 1600 Elite. The RACEceiver 1600 Fusion for Drivers is being mandated at short tracks all over the country. This small communication device is revolutionizing the industry, making the sport safer for both the drivers and officials. It saves time by allowing officials to talk to all the drivers at the same time and lets you get on to more racing. The officials can warn drivers about accidents or debris on the track.

Virtually all tracks and series today use frequencies between 450-470mhz, and the RACEceiver 1600 Fusion handles all of them! They are preprogrammed, just dial up the channel you need to use. It's small size, great price and reception---make it a awesome value.
$105.00 (sold elsewhere for $130.00) (radio only $95)
Your RACEceiver 1600 Fusion comes with a holster clip, AAA battery, and instructions. (The RACEceiver Rookie Earpiece will also be included)
The RACEceiver Rookie Earpiece is a mid-level stereo earbud that has terrific sound quality. It's light, easy to carry and will drop in your pocket! The earpiece has rubber tips that fit into the ear to help reduce outside noise. It comes with three (3) sizes of replaceable rubber tips for a more custom fit. The cord is designed to fall down one side of the body depending on the side you are wearing your audio device.
This mid-level earpiece is perfect for the rookie driver who uses the RACEceiver in a lower noise environment. It's also great for use as headphones for other devices like Ipod, MP3, portable CD players and radios.
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