USCS Mods Raised Frame Rail Decision

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USCS Mods Raised Frame Rail Decision

Post  monster21crew on 2010-02-22, 09:11

This from Pete Walton of USCS.
The decision USCS had previously made and announced will go as planned.

USCS rules changes and clarifications for 2010:

1 -No raised frame rails. Stock position only. (Hopefully this will not be too tough of a modification for anyone.) Please tell your friends about this in case they are not message board readers or don't happen to be on our USCS MOD mailing list. Clarification on teching this area will be in the printed rules we are working on now.

2 - No grooving of REAR tires. siping and grinding OKAY tire rule to include Hoosier IMCA G-60 or G60 AR KK 704. A durometer minimum hardness rule will be announced with the new complete rules package.

3 - Topless option at all events. Topless USCS MODS may run 6" (6 inch) spoiler on rear of car to make up for aerodynamics lost when roof is removed. Side and center strut dimiensions will be limited to design used at first USCS MOD Topless Thursday July 9, 2009 race at Riverside Int. Speedway. (I'm still looking for my notes).

***from the February 6th USCS banquet at Memphis:

The series announced several pending rules changes that included a topless option for all USCS modified Touring Series events allowing the use of a 6 inch spoiler assembly on the rear of the car if running roofless. “This will allow fans to see something different when the USCS Modified Touring Series rolls into town” stated series Founder and President Pete Walton. Race fns (and many of the drivers) like the open cockpit style of these cars that allows the fans to see the driver in action.

Additionally, Walton stated that front frame rails will need to be in stock location in 2010. Although we believe that turning the frame rails up on the right front side is for a measure of safety, we would like for our cars to conform to the industry standard in this area of technical rules so that drivers from other series and tracks can feel they are on a level playing field when they come to compete at a USCS event.

4 - It was announced that for safety reasons and to speed up re-start alignments at USCS events, starting in 2010 the USCS Modified Touring Series will utilize the popular Raceceiver driver communications system starting with the 2010 season opener at Malden Speedway on Friday and Saturday, March 19th and 20th. Walton stated that "Raceceivers are used on the United Sprint Car Series race cars and by major racing organizations throughout the country as well as at many race tracks. It's just time to move our Modified series into the modern era and speed up the shows."
Decision made. No raised frame rails in 2010
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